Saturday, June 4, 2011

Natural & Organic Printable Coupons

Can you tell I'm trying to prove that you can find coupons for healthy items?
Here is a list of some of the best from this week:

$1 off 2 boxes of Peace Cereal
$.50 off 1 box of Original Cheerios
*HOT* $1.25 off 2 Del Monte Gold Pineapples (use zip code 62946) This will go fast so be sure to print it as soon as you can!
$.75 off 1 box of Fiber One Cereal
$1 off any Olivia's Organic Salad
$1 off any McCann's Irish Oatmeal
$1 off any Silk half Gallon (use Zip Code 12345)

$.50 off any Organic Valley Creamer
$5.00 off Garden of Life Probiotics 
$1 off 2 Lifeway Organic Kefir

$.50 off any YoBaby Multipack
$.50 off any YoKids multipack
$.50 off YoBaby Meals Multipack
$.50 off YoToddler Multipack
$.50 off any 32 oz Stonyfield Organic Yogurt
$.50 off any Stonyfield Organic Milk
$1 off any 2 half-gallons of Silk 

$.50 off 1 Seventh Generation Product
$.50 off any Seventh Generation diapers, training pants, or wipes
$1 off any Seventh Generation cleaning product

$1 off 1 Cascadian Farms Product

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Perspectives on Recycling

Emily at Live Renewed has a great post on Why Recycling Should be a Last Resort.

I sometimes get so focused on what to buy for less money, I forget that reducing consumption is the ultimate money-saver!

Check out Emily's perspective on recycling.

40 Free iTunes Downloads!

Southwest Airlines is having a really cool promo today: in celebration of their 40th Anniversary, if you submit your email here, you will get instructions for getting 40 free downloads from iTunes!

*Update* I just registered for this deal and it seems your 40 downloads are from a pre-determined song list.   It's an eclectic mix of pop, jazz, and a couple classical tunes.  Looking forward to checking it out!

(Thanks, Freebie Finding Mom!)

Tutti-Frutti Muffins

Now that it's CSA season, I'm going to share some of the recipes I use that include all the delicious, fresh, seasonal produce we're starting to see!  I just made this muffin recipe for a school picnic yesterday -- they are fast, easy, and wonderfully fruity.

I originally got the recipe for "Orange Blueberry Muffins" from,  but I never have the exact combination of ingredients in the house at the same time for some reason. So I improvise.  The last three ingredients are completely adaptable, but I like orange extract, cranberry-pomegranate juice, and fresh blueberries.

Here's the recipe (but you probably will want to double it!):

2 c flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 c room temperature butter
1 c sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp orange OR lemon extract
3/4 c fruit juice -- orange is great, but I've had fantastic results with (the ubiquitous) cranberry-pomegranate.
1 1/2 c berries, fresh or frozen

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. In a medium bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, and salt.
3. In a large bow, cream butter and sugar. Beat in egg and zest.
4. Add 1/2 of the flour mixture, then add the juice.
5. Add in the rest of the flour, and fold in berries carefully -- do NOT overmix.
6. Bake for 10-15 minutes for mini-muffins, or 15-20 minutes for full-size muffins.

Just try to keep these in the house. I was going to post a picture, but they're gone already!


Friday, June 3, 2011

FREE Reusable Bags from Esse!

What's better than free? If you sign up for SaveMore today, you get a FREE $10 credit, which you can use toward today's deal on Esse Reusable Bags.

The deal is $8 for $20 worth of reusable bags. If you sign up for the first time today, you get a $10 credit which you can use on this deal.

Esse offers lots of different types of reusable bags, including produce bags, which I have been looking for for a while.  The bags are made of recycled PET bottles.

I just bought this deal myself because I could use more bags -- and nothing's better than free!

(Thanks, I am That Lady!)

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Free or Cheap eBooks for Kindle or Nook

Have a Kindle or Nook? Amazon and Barnes and Noble are offering some great FREE eBooks.

Also, Amazon has launched a new program, Sunshine Deals, with eBooks from $.99-$2.99.

Here is a sample of free books you can find at Amazon:
How to Sew: Basics
Moon USA Travel Planner
Admit One: My Life in Film by Emmett James
The Fine Life: A Novel by Eva Marie Everson
Journey to the Well: A Novel by Diana Wallis Taylor

In most cases, the free books can all be located at the Barnes and Noble Nook Store as well.

And here are some of Amazon's Sunshine Deals:
The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers
Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford
A Thousand Sisters: My Journey to the Worst Place on Earth to be a Woman  by Lisa Shannon

This post contains affiliate links
(Thanks, The Thrifty Mama!)

Amazon: Kitchen Aid Mixer for $199.99

I just happened to see this gorgeous red 5-quart KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer for just $199.00 at Amazon! Regular price is $283.17, making for a 43% savings. This is a limited time "Gold Box" offer though, so if you've been looking for one of these, now might be a great time to snatch one up.
 I use mine almost every day!

Borders: 20% off Entire Purchase

Through Monday, June 6, you can get 20% off your entire purchase at Borders when you sign up to be a FREE Rewards member and use THIS coupon.

There are a couple of books I have my eyes on for Father's day, but it's also good on toys, games, music, and magazines.

$5 Fridays: When it's too hot to cook!

With the scorching hot weather we’ve had this week in the Northeast, I’ve begun to shift my menu planning back to cool, light, summer dishes. I think this Tortellini Salad is just perfect for warmer weather. And, you can use just about any vegetable from the farmer’s market or your CSA basket!
Tortellini Salad
1 1/2 lb  cooked tortellini ($2.30 at Wegmans when you buy the Club Pack)
1/4 - 1/2 c Italian Dressing (about $.20 if you make your own)
2 cups raw or slightly cooked vegetables, cut to bite-size -- I like zucchini, broccoli, or sweet peppers (varies, but you can find seasonal veggies for under $1/lb)
1 cup of cubed cheese -- Mozzarella works great in this salad (2.00)
No instructions needed -- just mix everything together and chill. Serves 4.
This is so easy to throw together, and when you use fresh vegetables and herbs, absolutely delicious!
Total Price=$5.50
If you have an extra dollar or two, some cubed ham or marinated artichoke hearts would  add some salty, savory goodness. 

National Doughnut Day=FREE Doughnuts!

Today is National Doughnut Day! You'll get a free doughnut at any participating Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme stores today!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid's Clif Z Bars at Amazon

Get a 24 pack of Clif Z bars for just $10.97 at Amazon when you use Subscribe & Save.  That makes each bar only $.46 each!  I always keep a stash of bars on hand for quick snacks when we're out.

Remember to cancel Subscribe & Save after your order ships if you don't want to continue receiving shipments.

(Thanks, Organic Deals!)


Free Coupon Book worth $35 from Proctor & Gamble

Every month, P&G offers a coupon book with high-value coupons for brands like Dawn, Cascade, Olay, and Mr. Clean.  You can get yours for June HERE.

(Thanks, The Thrifty Mama!)

Amazon: Chicken Broth for $1.32 Shipped!

I always like to have a supply of chicken broth on hand, and Swanson is one of my favorite non-organic brands, mostly because it does NOT contain MSG, like many other national brands.

Here is a great deal from Amazon.  Put Swanson Chicken Broth (12Pack) in your cart, checkout using Subscribe & Save, and use coupon code CAMSOUP7 to get 12 32-oz packages for $2.30 each.

Considering that at Wegmans you can get a 16 oz box for $2.69, $2.30 for a 32 oz box is a really good price, and you don't have to use any coupons or even leave your house.

Mambo Sprouts Coupons Restocked!

Make sure you head on over to Mambo Sprouts to get a new crop of Natural & Organic coupons.

Groupon: $10 for $20 at Old Navy

Today at Groupon you can get a $20 gift certificate for Old Navy for only $10. This deal will only be available today and will likely sell out fast, so make sure to jump on it!  Also, it CAN be combined with other coupons or deal, making this a real steal.

The certificate  is good until July 30, 2011.

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Extreme Couponing LITE Part III: Organization

I’ve only been really organized for about 20% of the time I’ve been couponing -- and that’s the time when I’ve been getting the really great deals. It definitely pays to be organized.
First, have a place to save coupon inserts. It may seem like a lot to keep all the inserts you normally throw in the recycle bin (you are recycling these, right?) But when you’ve kept all your inserts, organized by type of insert and date (I keep the most recent on top and check the back ones for expiration dates weekly), it will make finding coupons for weekly deals SO much easier. 
I have a coupon binder with folders inside it where I put my inserts. One folder for Red Plum inserts, one for Smart Source, one for P&G, and one for Wegmans store coupons.  The Proctor & Gamble insert gets changed out at the end of each month because the coupons are only good until the last day of any given month. For example, the May P&G insert came on the first Sunday in May, and those coupons are only good until May 31.
NOTE: I do NOT clip all the coupons out of each insert weekly and then organize them. That would be crazy, in my opinion. Seems like a waste of time. But you do want to save the inserts in an organized way, because if you find a deal using, say, a coupon from the 5/15 RedPlum insert, you know exactly where to find it and it will be fast and easy to clip the coupon you need!
The insert section of my coupon binder looks like this:

Now, I do go through the inserts each week when they come and clip ones I know I will use.  First, I clip coupons for items I would buy even if I didn’t have a coupon -- like eggs or soy milk or my favorite brand of hummus.  Then, I clip coupons for items that I know are commonly or currently on sale at Wegmans or one of the drugstores. Examples of the second type of coupons are cereal coupons and toothpaste coupons. There are ALWAYS sales on those items. 
The coupons I do clip in advance go in the front of the binder. I have several pages of plastic baseball card pages, divided by category (organic, dairy, health, etc). This is where I put my clipped coupons, and it really helps when I am planning my shopping trips to find them easily.

It looks like this:

Finally, I keep several empty envelopes in the front pocket of my binder.  I have one for each store I go to that accepts coupons: Wegmans, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, and BJs.  When I am preparing my list and coupons for the week, I put the coupons I need into each envelope so they stay organized and -- most importantly -- I remember where they are. 
I hope you’re enjoying this series. Next time I’ll walk you through one of my best coupon “hauls” from clipping to check-out.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Deals at Amazon!

All the Amazon deals and codes were reset today. I found a lot of good deals, and here are some of the highlights in the Natural and Organic section.

Stash Tea -- Save 25% when you combine Subscribe & Save with code STASH97.

Choice Tea -- Save 25% when you combine Subscribe & Save with code CHOICTE2.

Lucy's Cookies -- Save 30%+ $1 when you combine Subscribe & Save with code DRLUCY06 and use the instant coupon at the bottom of the Amazon deals page.

Big G Cereals -- Save 30% when you combine Subscribe & Save with code JUNEBIGG
There are many cereals here for $2.01/box with free shipping from AmazonMom.  Multi-Grain Cheerios, Honey-Nut Chex,  Lucky Charms, and Honey-Nut Cheerios are all $2.01-$2.30/box.  If you always forget your coupons at the grocery store and really like these brands, this is a great way to save money on them.

Baby Mum Mum -- Save 50% when you combine Subscribe & Save with  code MUMMUMB. With both deals, this comes out to $1.56/24-count box. 

Happy Baby - Save 25% when you combine Subscribe and Save with code HAPPYBA3
I found Stage 2 baby food for $.74/pouch

New Plum Organics --  Save 30% when you combine Subscribe and Save with code PLUMPUF2

Earth's Best Smoothies for Kids --  Save 30%when you combine Subscribe and Save with code EBSMOTH3

Gerber Graduates -- Save 30% when you combine Subscribe and Save with code GERBR434

Skippy's Natural Peanut Butter -- Save 30% when you combine Subscribe & Save with code SKIPPY45.  This comes out to $1.50/jar.

Wishbone Salad Dressing -- Save 30% when you combine subscribe & Save with code SKIPPY45.  These come out to anywhere from $1.50-$2.00/bottle.

Remember -- you can always go into "My Account" and cancel the Subscribe & Save after the order ships. 

All codes are valid until June 30, 2011, unless they sell out first. You can see even more deals at Amazon

This post contains affiliate links.


Wednesday Grocery Round-Up 6/1

I'm a little late posting my Wegmans trip this week -- the holiday weekend threw me off!
Anyway, I did pretty well at Wegmans today. My total before coupons was $89.00; after Shopper's Club, store coupons, and manufacturer's coupons, the total was $59.34. Two weeks in a row under $60 at Wegmans -- which I never thought possible before I started couponing! I'm sure many people can relate to walking into Wegmans for 1 or 2 things and leaving $100 poorer! I've certainly done it many times.

Here's my haul for today:

Some highlights:
  • Touch of Fruit Frosted Mini-Wheats - 2 boxes at $.75/each stacking two Vocalpoint coupons plus Shopper's Club: 1 B1G1 coupon, 1 $1 off coupon, and the SC price was 2/$5.00. Ultimately I got one box free, and one for $2.50 - $1 coupon= $1.50 for two boxes. 
  • French's Mustard for $.29 using this deal.
  • Ronzoni Garden Harvest Pasta for $.69/box from this week's match-up post.
  • Driscoll's Blueberries for $2.50 per pound using this week's deals.  I'm planning on posting my fruity blueberry muffin recipe this week so you can see what I'm going to be doing with 2 lbs of blueberries!
What great deals did you find this week?

Mamapedia: $15 for $30 credit at Totsy


**UPDATE** Use code JUNE10 at checkout to get this deal for $13.50. (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Here is where daily deal worlds collide.  For the next three days, you can buy a $30 credit towards anything at for only $15 from Mamapedia.   This is a cool way to stretch your budget because all the items on Totsy are already discounted at least 50%, which could make for some amazing deals.

For example, today at Totsy, you can buy a variety of DK books for $4.20 each.  Normally, you could get 3 books for $15. If you combine Totsy's normally discounted price with this Mamapedia deal, you could get 7 books for $15.

So how do you get this amazing deal?
First, go to
Click on Buy Now!
You will get a code in your email
Shop at, and when you check out, use the coupon code
That's it!

I'm definitely going to take advantage of this opportunity to stock up my gift closet!

The Fine Print:

  • Limit 1 per customer
  • Must be used by Dec. 4, 2011
  • Not good on shipping or taxes
  • Must be used in one transaction

Summer Book Swap from thredUP

thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership

thredUP is launching a new program today called the Summer Book Swap. Today through June 14, if you list a box of books, you'll receive a $5 thredUP credit, $25 credit toward book rentals and 30% off your order at Chronicle books (with free shipping).

Starting June 15 you can start swapping! With every box of books listed you will receive $25 credit toward book rentals and 30% off your order at Chronicle books.  For each additional book box you list,  you'll receive 5 eBookFling credits to use with your Kindle or Nook 14-day lending feature.

This is the perfect way to keep kids reading through the summer with new and different books. It's also terrific for getting rid of those books your kids just don't seem to pick up much anymore.

Books are a resource- and space-consuming commodity. By sharing and swapping our books, we are able to save money and resources. What a great way to recycle!

If you haven't heard of thredUp, it's a new site where members can swap boxes of outgrown children's clothes and toys with each other. It costs nothing to list and send a box. If you choose to pick a box, you pay only $5 plus $10.95  for shipping.

I have made two swaps on thredUP, with mixed success. The first swap was amazing -- the box came with a brand new pair of never worn Stride Rite patent leather mary janes in my daughter's size, among other cute things. The second box wasn't as great -- a couple shirts had light staining, but there were several usable and cute items as well.  The most important thing is to read the description carefully, and if you have a question, you can message the sender.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snapfish: 100 4x6 Prints for $10 shipped

If you have hundreds (thousands?) of photos stored on your computer like I do, here's a good way to print some of them out inexpensively.

Go to
Upload 100 photos from your computer
Use code MEM100PICS

This code is good for online orders only.
If you are new to Snapfish, you will get an additional 30 prints FREE!

(Thanks, Happy Deal - Happy Day!)

Swagbucks: Last day of 1000 SB for Netflix

Search & Win

If you're doing Swagbucks (and why wouldn't you be -- you earn rewards for searching online!), today is the LAST day of the Netflix promotion. If you don't use Netflix yet, you can sign up for a free 1 month trial today (we have it -- it's amazing), and win 1000 swagbucks -- which equals over 2 $5 Amazon gift cards!

I was kind of sad I couldn't take advantage of this because we already use Netflix.

What are you waiting for -- go do it!

Amazon: Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil for $12 shipped

The more I learn about all the uses for coconut oil, the more amazed I am! It's a great cooking oil substitute as well as a wonderful moisturizer.

Here is another great deal from on a 2 pack of 15 oz of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil for $12 with free shipping through Amazon Mom.

Here's how to get it:
Sign in with your AmazonMom account.
Click on 2 pk of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. It will be $14.12
Choose the Subscribe & Save option
The final price at checkout will be $12 plus free shipping.

Remember, you can unsubscribe to Subscribe & Save at any time after your order ships. If you don't, you will continue to be sent the product at full retail price.

This post contains affiliate links.
(Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)


30% off Earth's Best Organic Formula at Amazon

When you choose the Subscribe & Save option, you can get Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula for as low as $17/canister.  Go here , check out with Subscribe & Save, and use code EBFORM33 at checkout.
You will get 4 canisters for $69.30 and free shipping through Amazon Mom.

Don't forget to turn off Subscribe & Save after the order has shipped if you don't want to continue receiving this product (at full price).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wegmans Deals and Coupon Match-ups - 5/29-6/4

There are some pretty good deals this week, even though there weren't any new inserts in the paper. Don't forget to pick up your free hot dogs, body wash, and toothbrushes at Wegmans this week!

Don’t forget to use THIS coupon for $1 off your $5 produce purchase
Whole Golden Pineapple $2.99
Organic Bananas $.69/lb
Bagged Organic Apples 3 lb $3.99
Driscoll’s Raspberries or Strawberries -- $2.99-$3.00
Use this coupon for $.50 off doubled to $1
Final Price= $1.99 - $2.99

Nature’s Marketplace
Don't forget to pick up the free coupon booklet in the Nature's Marketplace section.

Earnest Eats Whole Food Bar $1.49
Use THIS for $.50 off, doubled to $1 off
Final Cost: $.49
Mom’s Best Naturals Oatmeal – $1.99 (could be as low as $.99 – check your store)
$0.75/1 Mom’s Best Naturals Product Mom’s Best Naturals Rolling– doubles
Final Price = As low as free – $.49!
Kettle Potato Chips –  $2.99
use $1/1 Kettle Brand Potato Chips 3/20/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/14/2011)
or use $1/1 from Wegmans Nature’s Marketplace free magazine April Issue
Final Price = $1.99

Zone Bar – $1.29
use $.55/1 Zone Perfect 5/22 SS – doubles
Final Price – $.19

Santa Cruz Organic Juice – $2.69
$.75/1 Santa Cruz Printable coupon – doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $1.19

Newman’s Own Chocolate Cups (PB, Caramel, or mint) – $1.29
$1/1 Newman’s Own Product Facebook Rolling 
Use $.50/1 printable from
 here or here – doubles
Final Price = $.29 

Organic Valley half & half creamer – $1.99
use $.50 Organic Valley printable from 
Mambo Sprouts  doubled to $1.00
Final Price = $.99

Stash Tea – $2.49
or use $.50 4/10 RP doubled to $1.00
Final Price = $1.49

Terra Chips – On Shoppers Club for $2.99
Use $0.55/1 Terra Chips Product 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/10/2011) – doubles
Final Price = $1.89

Newman’s Own Product – Lemonade or Pasta Sauce for $1.99
$1/1 Newman’s Own Product Facebook Rolling 
or use $.50/1 printable from 
here or here – doubles
Final Price = $.99

Wegmans BBQ Sauce (I like the Memphis flavor!) $1.99
Use $1 off 2 coupon in Summer Menu Magazine
Final Cost: $1.49 each when you buy 2 bottles
Wegmans Yogurt Salad Dressings $3.29
Use THIS coupon for $1 off 1 OR use $1 off 2 coupon in Summer Menu Magazine
Final Cost:  $2.29-$2.79
Wegmans Organic Canned Vegetables (Beans, Corn or Peas) $.99

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (8 oz.) - $1.59
Use $.75/1 from 3/20 RP insert, doubled to $1.50
Final Price= $.09 each
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams – $1.79
Use $.35/1 Goldfish Grahams coupon- doubled to $.70
Final Price = $1.09

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce – $1.49
use $1 off KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce  from the 5/15 SS
Final Price = $.49
Sunsweet Pitted Prunes – $2.49
use $0.75/1 Sunsweet D’Noir Prunes 5/15/2011 SS Insert - doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $.99
Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta – $1.69
use $1/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 5/15/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/10/2011)
or use $1 Ronzoni Garden Delight printable coupon
Final Price = $.69
Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer – $2.29
use $
.55/1 Coffee-Mate printable -- doubled to $1.10
Final Price = $1.19
Ball Park Franks 2/$3 on shoppers club
use (2) $0.75/1 Ball Park Beef Franks 5/1/2011 RP Insert - doubled to $1.50
$0.75/2 Ball Park Products
Final Price = as low as FREE!
Goya Adobo Seasoning – $1.69
use $.55/1 Goya Adoba 5/15/2011 RP Insert - doubled to $1.10
Final Price = $.59
Goya Olive Oil 17oz – $5.99
use $.75/1 Goya Olive Oil 5/15/2011 RP Insert -- doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $4.49
Kikkoman Soy Sauce – $1.79
use $0.55/1 Kikkoman Products 5/15/2011 SS Insert - doubled to $1.10
Final Price = $.69

Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs $1.99
Use THIS for $.55 off 1, doubled to $1.10 off
Final Cost: $.89

Celestial Tea – any variety – $2.69
$0.75/1 Celestial Seasonings Tea Facebook Rolling - doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $1.19
French’s Worcestershire Sauce – $1.49
$.50/1 French’s printable expires - doubled to $1.00
Final Price = $.49
French’s Classic Yellow Mustard – $1.29
$.50/1 French’s Mustard printable -- doubled to $1.00
Final Price = $.29

Franks Red Hot – small bottles $1.19
$.50/1 Franks printable – doubled to $1.00
Final Price = $.19
Tabasco Sauce Original – $1.29
Uor use 
$0.50/1 Tabasco Product printable - doubled to $1.00
Final Price  = $0.79
Vlasic products – peppers are $1.99
$0.55/1 Vlasic Pickles, Peppers, or Relish Printable Rolling – doubled to $1.10
Final price = $.89
Salada Tea – $2.39
$0.75/1 Salada Green or White Tea Product Printable Rolling – doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $.89
Starbucks Ice Cream – $3.29
$0.75 off any pint of Starbucks Ice Cream – doubled to $1.50
Final Price = $1.79
Wegman’s Just Picked Frozen Fruit $3.79
Use $1 off 1 from Wegmans Winter Menu Magazine OR from prescription insert ( Wegmans has recently been sticking coupons in the bag when you get prescriptions filled at their pharmacy)
Final Price= $2.79
Health & Beauty
Use $1/$4 Health & Beauty Coupon that came in the Wegmans mailer if you take advantage of any of the following deals!

Check your store for the extra coupon booklet located at selected pharmacies. 

Suave Body Wash $1.50
Use $1 off 3 coupon in 5/22 RP insert
Final Cost: $1.16 each when you buy 3
Ivory Soap -- $.99 
Use $1 off 1 from the 5/1 P&G insert
Final Price= Free
Reach Toothbrush 2-pack -- $.99
Use $1 off 1 from 4/17 SS insert
Final Price=Free
Colgate Toothpaste -- $1.99
Use $1 off 1 from the 4/3 SS insert
Final Price= $.99
Softsoap Body Wash – select varieties $1.49
Use 2 of the $0.75/1 Softsoap Body Wash 
Final Price = FREE 
Degree Deodorant – Travel size – $1.09
use $1/1 Degree Antiperspirant or deodorant 5/22/2011 RP Insert (exp 6/19/2011) – no size restrictions
Final Price = $.09

St. Ives Intensive Healing Body Moisturizer – $3.99
$0.75/1 St. Ives Product printable – doubles
Final Price = $2.49
Band-Aids –  2 for $3
use (2)$0.50/1 Neosporin or Band-Aid Product 4/17/2011 SS Insert doubled
Final Price = $1 each wyb 2

Neutrogena Suncare Products $6.49 and up
Use $1 off Neutrogena Suncare Products from Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
stack with $1/1 Neutrogena Suncare Item 5/8/2011 SS Insert
or with 
$2/1 Neutrogena Suncare Product Neutrogena Rolling
Final Price = as low as $3.49

Jergen's Natural Glow Products - $2.49 and up
Use $1 off Jergens Natural Glow Products from Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
stack with $3/2 Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizers 4/10/2011 SS Insert
Final Price = as low as $.49 each when you buy two

Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Toothpaste - $2.99
Use $1 off from Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
stack with $.75/1 P&G mailer coupon
Final Price= $.50

Aquafresh Toothpaste $2.19
Use $1 off Aquafresh from Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
Final Price = $1.19 for Aquafresh 

Sensodyne Toothpaste $4.79
Use $1 off Sensodyne fromWegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
stack with $.75/1 Sensodyne Toothpaste or Iso-active Foaming gel 5/15/2011 RP Insert
Final Price= $2.29

$1 off Pampers Baby Wipes – $2.49
combine with $0.20/1 Pampers Wipes 5/1/2011 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Final Price = $1.09
John Frieda Precision Foam Color Product $11.99
Use $5 off 1 coupon in 5/1 SS insert
Use $2 off 1  coupon in Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
Final Cost: $4.99
John Frieda Root Awakening Product $4.49 w/ Shopper's Club Card
Use $3 off 1 in 5/1 SS insert
Use $1 off 2 John Frieda Products in Wegmans pharmacy coupon booklet (at selected stores)
Final Cost: $2.49 each when you buy 2

All prices are accurate for Rochester-area Wegmans stores.
(Thanks to Happy Deal - Happy Day for help in compiling this list)