Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Try This At Home: My Take on Extreme Couponing

TLC's newest hit show comes back for a second season, and I'm sure we're in for even more gratuitous stockpile shots and nail-biting cash register scenes.  In terms of entertainment value, Extreme Couponing definitely has it. If it's reality we're talking about, though, the show comes up woefully short.

One of the best articles that summarizes the holes in the Extreme Couponing argument is this one from Hot Coupon World.  To summarize, one of the stars of season one admitted to using coupons fraudulently -- which is a felony. There are also rumors flying around that store managers relax the rules for this show because it brings so much publicity to their store. 

You might be thinking: It's "reality" TV. So what? How does this affect me?

Many retailers have changed their coupon policy as a result of this show, making the rules stricter for the responsible couponers. Target, CVS, and Kroger are examples of stores who have changed the rules, either by limiting the number of coupons in a transaction, or prohibiting doubling or stacking.

In my view, there is nothing mindful or frugal in breaking the law.  Check out my series on Extreme Couponing Lite. I'll teach you how to use coupons responsibly in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

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