Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Book Swap from thredUP

thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership

thredUP is launching a new program today called the Summer Book Swap. Today through June 14, if you list a box of books, you'll receive a $5 thredUP credit, $25 credit toward book rentals and 30% off your order at Chronicle books (with free shipping).

Starting June 15 you can start swapping! With every box of books listed you will receive $25 credit toward book rentals and 30% off your order at Chronicle books.  For each additional book box you list,  you'll receive 5 eBookFling credits to use with your Kindle or Nook 14-day lending feature.

This is the perfect way to keep kids reading through the summer with new and different books. It's also terrific for getting rid of those books your kids just don't seem to pick up much anymore.

Books are a resource- and space-consuming commodity. By sharing and swapping our books, we are able to save money and resources. What a great way to recycle!

If you haven't heard of thredUp, it's a new site where members can swap boxes of outgrown children's clothes and toys with each other. It costs nothing to list and send a box. If you choose to pick a box, you pay only $5 plus $10.95  for shipping.

I have made two swaps on thredUP, with mixed success. The first swap was amazing -- the box came with a brand new pair of never worn Stride Rite patent leather mary janes in my daughter's size, among other cute things. The second box wasn't as great -- a couple shirts had light staining, but there were several usable and cute items as well.  The most important thing is to read the description carefully, and if you have a question, you can message the sender.



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