Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wegmans: Seafood Coupon and a Tip!

My family loves seafood, and I love the health benefits, but seafood has definitely become a splurge item in our household.  
I'm excited to see this week's Wegmans coupon for $1 off a $5 seafood purchase.

Speaking of seafood, did you know that frozen items, like shrimp and salmon, often are a better bet than the items in the "fresh" refrigerated case at the store?  That's because  they are frozen immediately, sometimes even at sea, while the "fresh" items are frozen first, then defrosted and set on ice.  So you don't need to feel guilty about purchasing frozen seafood. The most important thing is to purchase the highest quality fish you can afford; as a rule, wild-caught is usually the healthier choice versus farm-raised. 

I'd love to hear from readers: How do you incorporate seafood into your diet and budget?

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