Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing Lite, Part VI: Finding Coupons You'll Actually Use

As I continue on in my Mindfully Frugal couponing journey, I keep finding more ways to acquire coupons for healthy, wholesome products for my family.  I posted a few weeks ago about unusual places to find coupons.  I’m happy to update that I was recently able to swap some baby product coupons for $4.50 credit to Amazon.  For the cost of a stamp, I was able to save some coupons from the recycle bin, help out another mama, and save myself $4.50 at Amazon!
Here are three more places to obtain coupons for items you’ll actually use:
  • Coupon Train --  A coupon train is a really fun way to get rid of all the coupons that you won’t use while getting fun and often surprising coupons in return.  Here’s how it works: You decide who will be on the coupon train. A “conductor” starts out by sending an envelope full of coupons to the first person on the train.  That person takes out the coupons they can use, and adds coupons to the envelope that she wants to send along, and on and on. This would be fun with a group of friends, but there are many coupon train sites to be found online as well -- like this one.  I’m happily a member of a new “live” coupon train among some of my mom friends. I made this box (sort of like this other one I made), and every time we meet, we put in the coupons we won’t use and take out coupons that we will.  If you don't get multiple newspapers (I don't), this is an easy and free way to get extra copies of particularly good coupons.
  • Vocalpoint -- Vocalpoint is a website that offers coupons and samples for new products, with no obligation on your part. They do ask you for feedback, but it is your choice to give it or not.  I’ll be upfront here: Vocalpoint is owned by P&G, which isn’t one of my favorite companies.  But since you are able to opt-in for the sampling/coupon opportunities, I ignore the ones for products I won’t use.  Don’t discount Vocalpoint though -- last week I got a coupon for a FREE bag of FreshExpress salad.  I’ve also received several coupons and samples of Kashi items from Vocalpoint. You can sign up for Vocalpoint here. 
  • Company Website -- Do you have a favorite natural or organic grocery item that you LOVE but don't buy because it's expensive?  Silk Soy Milk is a good example of this for my family -- two of us have dairy intolerances, so we drink a lot of alternative milk. I always go to the Silk website before I shop, and I haven't paid full price for milk in months.  Bringing these coupons to a store that doubles and combining the coupons with store sales can make these costlier products less than conventional processed foods!  A few of my favorites are:
Ok, your turn! What are some ways you save money on healthy foods?

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At September 8, 2011 at 7:37 AM , Blogger lisa g. said...

Hi Sarah! I hadn't come across the coupon train idea yet...LOVE it!! Do you belong to a local (Syr area) group? I usually have access to 3 sets of inserts, and have MANY coupons that go to waste!!
When I lived in Liverpool I used to make weekly trips to the library to go through their coupon stack...people were always dropping off their inserts after clipping what they wanted.

At September 8, 2011 at 8:53 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Lisa-- I'm a member of a mom's group in Rochester. I hate wasting coupons, too, so I love our Coupon Train! I didn't think that the library might have coupon inserts. . . I'll check it out to see if any local libraries have that!

At September 9, 2011 at 11:16 AM , Blogger Amanda said...

I find I have more leftover budget for healthy stuff just by using coupons for toiletries/cleaning items/drug store items.


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