Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wegmans Trip!

This was a tricky week for grocery shopping.  At the beginning of August, my husband and I decided to use cash envelopes for variable expenses such as food.   Our grocery shopping budget is $325, or $80/week. Here's how we're doing so far:

Week One: $39.99 at Wegmans -- $40 left over
Week Two: $54 at Wegmans -- $25 left over
Week Three: $77.44 at Wegmans -- $2.50 left over

Budget for this week: $147.50 ($80+ $67.50 left over from previous weeks)

What threw a wrench into my couponing this week is that I knew I had to go to BJ's as well, and it seems like any time I shop there it is at least $100. Plus, I was shopping with my whole family, which is typically a recipe for overspending.  Even though I managed to only spend $71.22 at BJ's this week, I knew I needed to be careful at Wegmans. 

Here's what I bought:

Silk Soy Milk - $2.39 after $1/1 coupon (or get a $.75/1 coupon here)

Wegmans' Whole Milk -- $2.19

YoToddler Yogurt -- $1.49 after $1/1 coupon (find a $.50/1 coupon here)

Wegmans Burrito Tortillas -- $.99 with this coupon

Barilla Piccolini (2) -- $.89 each with coupon from 8/28 RP

Wegmans Training Pants -- $8.49

Wegmans Tuna -- 2@$.79 each

Wegmans Organic Raisins -- $3.99

Top Care Acetominophan -- $.50 with $2.00/1 Wegmans Coupon (located in pharmacy dept)

Sensodyne Toothpaste -- $2.79 after Wegmans Coupon (Summer Savings Booklet) and tearpad manufacturer coupon I found at the dentist's office.

2 pounds of nectarines -- $1.98

Club Pack Diapers -- $4.99 after Shopper's Club and $8/1 coupon from Wegmans Summer Savings Booklet

Total Before Coupons and Discounts - $52.17
Amount Saved = $18.29
Total Cost out of Pocket= $33.88 which means I still have some stock-up money to carry over for next month!
Total Percentage Saved = 35%

All in all, I spent $105.10 this week, which means I still have $42.40 left in my cash envelope to carry over for next month!

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At September 4, 2011 at 7:46 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

Good job! I love when I can carry money over to the next month!


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