Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wegmans Trip: Rocking the Budget

I have been under my $80 grocery budget several times in the past several weeks, and I can attribute my savings on a few specific actions:

  • Meal planning based on what's already in the pantry/freezer
  • Stocking up on staples at the rock-bottom price (we're still eating chicken I bought for $1.49/lb in May)
  • Participating in a CSA.  Yes, I know I am paying for this separately, but since we pay for (and budget for) that expense up front, it helps the weekly bills to stay low
  • Using coupons for almost everything  (check out Natural & Organic Coupons category in the sidebar for a partial list of available coupons)
Here's my trip for this week:
The highlights:

Silk Almond Milk -- $2.39 after using this coupon

Philadelphia Cooking Creme -- 2 @ $1.19 each after this coupon

Yobaby 4-pack -- FREE after Stonyfield Rewards Coupon

Rice Dream rice milk -- $1.49 after coupon (no longer available)

Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels -- 2 @ $2.19 each after coupon from 8/21 SS

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce -- 3 @ $.69 each after coupons in 8/21 SS

French's Worcestershire Sauce -- $.49 after coupon in 8/21 SS

Wegmans Traditional Feta -- $3.29 after coupon from Summer Menu Magazine

Ball Instant Pectin  -- FREE after this coupon from 6/21 SS insert

Final Stats: 
Total retail value: $94.83
Amount Saved with coupons & Shopper's Club: $18.29
Amount Out of Pocket: $77.44

$2.56 under our $80/week budget!

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