Thursday, August 18, 2011

Under $55 at Wegmans & Within Budget!

I posted yesterday about how my family is going to a cash envelope system for variable household expenses.  So when I went grocery shopping this week, I knew I had $80 for the week to spend -- and that is all. 

I was really happy with this week's shopping trip because I stayed well within my budget, bought many organic and whole foods for my family, and still was able to buy a few treats. 

Bananas - 2 lbs at $.49/lb

Driscoll's Strawberries -- $2.99 for 1 lb 
Final Price $1.99

Local Nectarines -- $2.99/quart

Wegmans Soft Whole Wheat Bread -- 2 pk -- $2.99

Silk Almond Milk & Soy Milk -- $3.39 each
Used $1.25/1 and $1.00/1 (don't remember where I got these!)
Final Price= $2.14 & $2.39

YoToddler 4-pack -- $2.49
FREE after coupon from Healthy Child, Healthy World

YoBaby 4-pack -- $2.49
Used $1/1 Coupon from Healthy Child, Healthy World
Final Price -- $1.49

2 Organic Valley Whole Milk half gallons -- $3.99 each
Used 2 $1.00/1 coupons from Healthy Child, Healthy World
Final Price= $2.99 each

Polly-O String Cheese -- 24 oz -- $6.99 (This specific product is the lowest price per ounce for string cheese at the Eastway Wegmans)

Sabra Hummus, 17 oz -- $3.59  -- I was all out of the $1/1 coupons from 6/26 SS, but we love this brand!

Wegmans Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt, 32 oz -- $1.99 -- we use this in our smoothies!

2 Luigi's Italian Ice -- $2.49/each on Shopper's Club
Used $1/2 from 8/14 RP
Final Price= $1.99/each

4 Boxes Wegmans Pasta -- $.79 each

1 Box Wegmans Orzo -- $1.19

2 Bags Stacy's Pita Chips -- $2.69 each -- The price is ridiculous, but I'm addicted, what can I say?

1 4-oz bag Pirate's Booty -- $2.79 (which I think is also ridiculously expensive, but my husband loves it so much he hides it from our kids)

Wegmans Shredded Pecorino-Parmesano Cheese -- $3.51

The key to this trip being so frugal is the fact that I did 90% of my menu planning from the pantry & CSA basket.  We mostly bought dairy products and bread, since the pantry is so well-stocked right now.  If I'm going to stick with cash envelopes for groceries, meal planning is a necessity.

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