Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Harrowing Wegmans Trip

Even though I wasn't feeling well yesterday, I ventured out with both kids around 9 am to try to do some of the deals I wanted to get at Wegmans. We first stopped at Aldi, and by the time we got to Wegmans, both kids were a little goofy, I was starting to feel worse, and I had a huge stack of coupons I wanted to use. You can see where this is going.

I love how Wegmans has a bin of cookies and fruit just for kids. It really does help. Unfortunately, the cookies are only about 1" diameter and both kids snarfed theirs up in about 2 seconds. The other 44.08 minutes of the trip were challenging, to say the least. 

Thank goodness I had my list & coupons organized. I generally write my list in order of where the product is in the store, and I sort my coupons the same way, so I don't have to go rifling through the whole stack to double check my prices. 

I was able to cruise through produce, Nature's Marketplace, and grocery pretty quickly, but the kids were losing it when we got to health & beauty. Emma was kicking Mason. Mason was kicking Emma because she was kicking him. I was yelling at Mason for kicking Emma for kicking Mason. We weren't a pretty sight. 

Finally we got to the register. I did some quick recon and found a register with a short line and a young teenage checker.  If I had looked a little closer, I would have seen the 15 (!) bottles of toilet bowl cleaner and 72 rolls of toilet paper the man ahead of me was buying.  Normally, I am really patient -- I am usually that crazy coupon lady myself, so I'm certainly not in the position to complain. But the transaction wasn't going through, multiple managers had to be called, and the kicking from all angles in my cart continued. 

Thankfully, our checker was unflappable, apologized for the hold-up, and scanned all my coupons through with no problems. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Forty-five minutes later, we walked out of the store. I was exhausted, and so were both kids. Unfortunately, it was only 10:30 -- too early for naptime. 

My stats for this trip:
Total Before Coupons: $77.19
Total Out of Pocket: $53.30
Manufacturer Coupons: $9.55
Doubled Coupons: $4.55
Wegmans' Store Coupons: $7.00 
Shopper's Club Savings: $2.79
Total Saved: $23.89

Combined with my Aldi total of $19.59, I spent $72.89 total on groceries this week.

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