Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to get Earth-friendly Freebies!

Healthy Child, Healthy World is a wonderful organization that strives to help parents reduce the chemical load that children are exposed to on a daily basis.  Their website is an amazing resource for information on all kinds of healthier living, in addition to showing you how to form a grass-roots movement to change national policy on outdated chemical regulations.  I can't say enough glowing things about the organization and its efforts to make the world a cleaner, healthier place for our children.

To reinforce their mission statement ("We ignite the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals"), Healthy Child, Healthy World, is offering selected parents an opportunity to host a Healthy Home Party.

Here's where it gets good -- if you are chosen to host a Healthy Home Party, you get a huge box of freebies and high-value coupons for popular organic and natural brands like Luna bars, Kleen Kanteen, Organic Valley, and Plum Organics.  There is a catch -- the kit costs $20.  Here's the really great thing, though -- every month, Healthy Child, Healthy World gives away 10 kits completely FREE!  Obviously, if you choose to pay the $20 you are supporting a worthy non-profit.  I was thrilled, however, to find out a few weeks ago that I was chosen to recieve a free kit!

The products I recieved in my kit recently certainly had a retail value of more than $20 -- it included 1 stainless steel Kleen Kanteen, about 20 mini Luna bars, and well over $100 worth of coupons, products, and other free items.

Here's what was in it:
I seriously couldn't believe how many awesome free samples were packed into this kit!  Eco-friendly cleaners, body products, Happy Baby and Plum Organics baby food, and there was even a collection of Earthbound Organics seed packets (for my girlfriends at the party -- I forgot to hand those out -- I'll get them to you. :) ).

A Healthy Home party would be a great excuse to get together with friends and sample some great earth-friendly products.

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