Friday, August 12, 2011

AboutOne: One Year of FREE Family Organizational Software

AboutOne is a household management system that lets you store ALL your information in one place. You can store and manage anything you can think of for your family, from health records, to home inventory (for insurance purposes), to school artwork, to education information. 

I just signed up for AboutOne and I am so excited to finally get all my information in one place. One cool feature is that you can just type kids' milestones in as they happen, and then AboutOne will compile a newsletter with all the milestones every month.

I'm so happy to be using this to organize my kids' health information. Both have been diagnosed with asthma, and take similar -- but not identical -- medications  to treat it. Finally, something to help me keep track of all their meds and doctor appointments!

If you're trying to get organized for the upcoming school year, AboutOne may be a great option to help you! Head over here to sign up for your FREE year!



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