Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zulily: Swimwear Stock-up Time!

I haven't been doing a ton of non-food shopping recently, but it seems like both my kids are hitting major growth spurts simultaneously, so I will definitely be doing some clothes shopping soon.  I generally shop for about 40% of their clothes at garage sales, about 40% at a local consignment sale, and maybe 20% at retail stores (online or otherwise). 

I think some of these deals from Zulily are definitely going to be in my 20%. 

My absolute favorite deals today are on iPlay swimwear. My family just got back from a beach vacation, and iPlay's hats are the absolute best for babies and kids.  They are made with 50 SPF fabric, and they have the widest brim I've seen -- perfect for shielding baby's delicate skin from the sun.  Best of all, these hats are only $5.99 on Zulily right now.

You will also find SPF 50 bathing suits and rash guards for boys and girls on Zulily. This rashguard/swim diaper combo is only $12.99 -- 55% off regular price of $28.00.

Check here to see what other great deals (including Haba Toys and Handstand Kids books) are going on at Zulily today.

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