Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Grocery Round-Up 6/7

I had a great Wegman's trip this week -- I didn't use a ton of coupons, but I was able to get my entire order under $40, which is definitely a first. I've been trying to do a lot of pantry cooking lately, plus I am stocked up pretty well on meat, so I think we'll be good with meals until next week.
 I did take advantage of the Ball Park hot dog deal, mostly for my husband  -- when I am happy with tortellini salad for dinner, he likes a little something else to round it out. I know they're not healthy, but he likes them. After the coupon, they were $1.50 per package of 8.  I have to say, if meat is that cheap I always wonder what is in it!
I also found a $1 off Wegman's brand suncare item in the health & beauty department; I used it to buy a stick of baby sunscreen for $1.99 down from $2.99. With 2 very fair children, it's always good to keep some sunscreen in my purse.
Finally -- I plan on making a potato salad this week, and I was happily surprised to realize that organic russet potatoes are the same cost as regular -- both $3.99 for 5 lbs.

Here's what my trip looked like:



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