Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I decided to change things up a little today; instead of Make it Yourself Monday, we’re doing Menu Plan Monday!  Don’t worry, it’s not because I am at a loss for ideas for Make it Yourself items, it’s just been a busy week and I haven’t had time to try them out.
This week is going to super-busy as well, so I’d like my menus for the week to be simple and easy to prepare. As always, I’ll be shopping the sales and using what’s in my stockpile to round the meals out.
Breakfasts are easy: we have either:
Yogurt and Fruit
Cereal with Milk
Oatmeal and Fruit
Lunches are pretty similar as well (what can I say, my kids only want to eat the same three things!):
Ham & cheese sandwich
Grilled cheese sandwich
PB&J sandwich
Hummus & crackers
Dinners -- this is where things get tricky. The meal that takes the longest to make is right during the crankiest part of the day. Because of this, I purposefully like to plan things that are either really easy or can be made ahead. Here are my ideas for this week:
Monday -- Chicken Sausage and sweet potato fries
Tuesday -- Grilled Salmon and rice with salad using CSA greens and radishes
Wednesday -- Homemade chicken “nuggets” with homemade fries (frozen, bake in toaster oven)
Thursday -- Pasta with Greens & Beans using fresh CSA kale
Friday -- Dinner out to celebrate the last day of school
Saturday -- Grilled chicken with green salad
Sunday -- Dinner out with family



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