Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Grocery Round-Up 5/24

I managed to get to 3 stores this week, and spent a total of $18 at Aldi, $5 at Target, and  $47.42 at Wegmans, making my total for this week $70.42, which is a little below my $80/week goal.  My total for actual food is even lower, but I bought several personal care items at Wegmans because I found some good deals on things we need for the summer.

There were several good coupon match-ups at Wegmans this week, so I dropped Mason off at school and  did some deals with Emma. Here's what it looked like:

I was able to make the coupons/sales this week work with my menu plan. For instance, I wanted to make chicken stir fry this week because I'm well stocked with chicken, and I have a 10 lb bag of rice in the pantry.  I bought Wegmans special blends stir-fry vegetables with the $1 off coupon I had from a recent prescription insert (making it $2.99 after coupon), and I bought Kikkoman Stir-Fry sauce using the $.55 off 1 and $1 off 2 coupons in the 5/15 SS insert.  The stir fry sauce came to only $1 each when you buy 2.  For a total of $3.99 this week, I was able to get ingredients for a meal my family loves. 

The Cottonelle moist wipes and the International Delights Breve creamer were both free, thanks to THIS deal and THIS deal.  

Not included in the picture is a half gallon of Wegmans brand peanut butter swirl ice cream. I was happy it was on sale for $1.99, but I would have bought it at normal price. Sometimes a girl needs her ice cream.

Since I started seriously shopping at Aldi about a month ago, I have managed to shave at least $15 a week off my grocery bill. This week at Aldi I picked up mostly dairy and deli products. I spent $18 and came home with:

12 pack of string cheese
8 oz block of colby cheese
8 oz sliced provolone 
Jar of grated Parmesano-Romano cheese
Gallon of whole milk (I use this for recipes)
2 packs of Uncle Ben’s Flavored Rice ($1.09 each)
3 lbs of dried pinto beans
1 lb honey-roasted ham

Oh, and I bought 2 packages of Stacey's pita chips -- which I am totally addicted to, and there are no manufacturer's coupons available for -- for $2.50 each at Target, which is the lowest "regular" price I've found. 


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