Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zulily: Cloth Diapers and Stride Rite!

Ok, so I promised my husband I wouldn't spend any more money on Zulily . . . but these deals are really tempting me!  

First, there are some great deals on Stride Rite shoes for toddlers, and they are selling out fast.  These adorable Mary Janes are only $21.99, slashed 50% from regular price of $48.
I also found a new(to me!) brand of cloth diapers on Zulily today.  It's called Charlie Banana, and they have adorable diapers, like this pink robot one-size diaper:

Charlie Banana offers cloth accesories like wet bags, trainers, and swim diapers. Don't worry, there are things for mama too, like 6 nursing pads for $9.99 and 3 cloth pads for $9.99 -- which is about the lowest price I've seen anywhere.



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