Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Staples Trip: Lots of Great Deals and Under $25!

It's a good thing I went to Staples before I went to BJ's Warehouse yesterday! I needed a few things and I was absolutely exhaused after the BJ's trip!

I'm absolutely loving all the back to school sales. I took advantage of some of the deals at Staples to get some art supplies for the kids and to re-stock my gift closet.

2 Composition Books @ $.99 each
1 4-pk Glue Sticks @ $1.50
1 Heavy Duty Construction Paper @ $3
1 Mini Crayon & Sketch Pad Set -- $3
2 Washable Markers @ $3
1 Large Washable Crayon 8 -pk @ $2
3 24-pack Washable Crayons @$2
100 index cards @ $.01

I've already given both my kids a composition book and a couple of crayons -- which they are aboslutely loving. They have both recently been more interested in drawing and it is one of the only activities that will occupy my 3 year old for more than 20 seconds. The composition book is great because he has so many pages to color on, and when he is done we will have a nice, compact record of his artwork!

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