Sunday, August 28, 2011

$1 for Dave Ramsey Audio Downloads


Last week, I shared how my husband and I decided to use Dave Ramsey's cash envelope system for all our spending money, including grocery spending.  I was thrilled to find this offer from Mamasource in my inbox this morning: Only $1 for both a kid's book and an adult audio lesson from Dave Ramsey.

From the website: 
In “The Super Red Racer”, kids will learn about the merits of hard work and saving for what they want. In “Cash Flow Planning”, you’ll learn how to live within your means, pay off your debt, and have enough extra cash for saving and entertainment. 

All you pay is $1, and this audio MP3 can be uploaded onto your computer or mobile device, or burned onto a CD.  I'm about to get mine right now! 



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