Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Kashi Deal at Target!

I did really well at Target with their Buy 4, Get 1 free Kashi deal today.

Here's the lowdown:
I  bought 5 items: 3 packages of granola bars(2.99 each), 1 package of crackers ($2.79), and 1 prepared freezer dinner (2.99). The coupons I used:
My total before coupons and deals: $14.75 or $2.95 per item. After all coupons and deals: $8.21, or $1.64 each.  

BUT, if you're really hardcore, you could do the following scenario:
Including the 2 free items this week, you'll pay $14.17 for 10 Kashi Items, or $1.41 each.



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