Monday, June 27, 2011

$5 Magazines at Amazon

From now until July 6, Amazon has a selection of Magazines for under $5/year.
They include:
Marie Claire (1-year auto-renewal) -- $5/year
Seventeen (1-year auto-renewal) -- $5 /year
Town & Country (1-year auto-renewal) -- $5/year
Parenting Early Years (1-year auto-renewal) -- $4.97/year
Boston Magazine (1-year auto-renewal) -- $4.95/year

And a few $10 and under:
Popular Science (1-year auto-renewal) -- $7/year
EatingWell (1-year auto-renewal) -- $8.97/year
Country Living (1-year auto-renewal) -- $7/year
Vegetarian Times (1-year auto-renewal) -- $7/year
Weight Watchers Magazine (1-year auto-renewal) -- $9.95/year
Rolling Stone (1-year auto-renewal) -- $9.97/year

Don't forget, magazines make great gifts!

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